Tips for Shopping on Black Friday

Tips for Shopping on Black Friday

Tips for Shopping on Black Friday

If you are headed out to brave the crowds in hunt of a good deal this Black Friday, here are some tips for a successful trip:

  • Take a nap!  You don’t want to start out tired…that does not make for a good shopping experience.
  • Eat a snack!  No one wants to be hunger when they’re on a mission!  :)
  • Make a list!
  • Research prices!
  • Don’t forget about the “fine print” in the ads!
  • Map our your route!
  • Be prepared for long lines and cold weather.  Dress accordingly!
  • Bring friends or family members to help you grab deals!  Go for the big deals yourself and have them grab smaller deals around the store.
  • Know your stores policies (coupons, layaways, returns, etc.)
  • If you don’t see a deal, ask an employee or keep searching through the store!
  • If you have a smartphone, use an app to scan barcodes and compare in-store deals with online prices!
  • Avoid impulse buys: Not everything advertised is a great deal.
  • Don’t get distracted by end cap and center aisle items that get you to buy more than you need.
  • Keep your receipts… just in case you change your mind!

…if none of this interests you, stay home and shop online!!  LOL

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