Clean a Gas Stove Grate

How to Clean a Gas Stove Grate

Clean a Gas Stove Grate

Hate cleaning the stove?  Yep, we all do.  However this How to Clean a Gas Stove Grate tip is an awesome trick will make your life so much easy and will actually give you more time on your hands.  My mom learned this trick from someone she works with and I thought it was so fun, so I just had to share it!  !e all know that these little pests are so annoying to clean, so this tip will save you time and man hours!


  • ziplock bag
  • large bowl
  • 2 tbsp ammonia


  • Place the Grate into a ziplock bag.
  • Add ammonia and close bag tightly.
  • Sit bag in a large bowl (or on a cookie sheet with raised edges) over night.
  • When you wake up the next day the ammonia may have eaten through the bag (this is why why placed it inside something).
  • Rinse your Grate off with warm water and it should be perfectly clean!


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