Toasted Tomato Sandwich recipe

Toasted Tomato Sandwich recipe

This really is the sandwich that my family eats most of the summer.  Yes, it’s super delicious in the summer time because everything is so fresh and yummy, however, it tastes fresh no matter what season it may be!  This is a great sandwich for easy lunches, as well as quick dinners, nothing beats a Toasted Tomato Sandwich!  :)  I know it sounds weird, but when you have a perfectly ripe tomato, it really makes the sandwich THAT much better!  :)  Every ingredient can be added by your taste; there is no wrong way to make this. :)  I’ve also seen jalapeno peppers added to this sandwich as well, depending on how spicy you tend to like things. And why not add banana peppers as well? Maybe a slice of cheese?  Or how about mustard instead of butter?  Honestly, it’s such a neat little recipe that I bet you have every ingredient listed. :) I’m pretty sure everyone will love this delicious sandwich! ENJOY!

Toasted Tomato Sandwich

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  • bread
  • butter
  • tomato slice
  • salt and pepper



Toast your bread in the toaster to your liking.


As soon as your bread is toasted, butter it and top with a slice of tomato.


Top with salt and pepper to taste...and enjoy!


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