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Tips for Shopping Online for the Holidays

Tips for Shopping Online for the Holidays

Tips for Shopping Online for the Holidays

If you’re like me and hate to battle the INSANE crowds during the holiday season, then online shopping is the way to go!  :)  Here’s some tips on how to achieve that perfect shopping season online!

  • Make a list!
  • Don’t forget about the “fine print” in the ads!
  • Know your stores policies (coupons, layaways, returns, etc.)
  • Avoid impulse buys: Not everything advertised is a great deal.
  • Always use a coupon code! Over the holidays EVERYONE has a coupon code!!  You just have to use Google and look!
  • Use FREE Shipping. Many sites are using the free shipping tactic, so use it!
  • Sign up for store emails and alerts. Know when something you want is going on sale by signing up for those alerts for your Inbox
  • Always price check and do research. You will kick your self if you find the same item cheaper the next day, so spend a few extra minutes now to make sure you have the best deal!
  • Keep receipts. Make a folder in your email for online purchases, and put all the order confirmation emails you get in that folder.


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